Pokebot Ninja

Pokemon GO is a game that many people have been playing ever since its release in July this year. It is fun and brings many of us back to the old days of playing Pokemon on Game Boys and other consoles.

The modern “GO” version has many new features that include having to go out, collect inventory items from real life monuments and fight in “Gyms”, in order to gain experience and make progress in the game. Of course, many Pokemon GO cheats and hacks have come out since July but many of them don’t work properly, don’t offer enough features or are simply scams. One that really stands out with its many options and accuracy is Pokebot Ninja. It is a free-of-charge computer program on which you log into your Pokemon GO account and have a wide range of actions you can do. Many of the usual game actions are automatized in Pokebot Ninja.

The best part of the program is that you can visit any place on the globe at any time… virtually, of course. You could be catching the exclusive to Europe Mr. Mime and the exclusive to Australia Kangaskhan in the time frame of 2 minutes or even less if you’re fast with the settings. Basically, you set the area and the capturing of the Pokemon happens automatically if you set the program to do so. A configuration of the catches is available – you can choose for which Pokemon that your bot comes across you want it to use the best balls and for which you don’t.Of course, since the bot goes around seeking Pokemon, it can also incubate eggs and collect items from PokeStops. An option about the pace that you’re “moving” at is available. Also, at a point, your backpack may get full, so you can set the bot to automatically drop certain items that you don’t need so there is more space for ones that you do. Since you may hit the maximum number of Pokemon you can carry as well, there is an option that automatically transfers Pokemon, again, depending on how you configure it. For example, you can set the bot to transfer all Drowzees under 500CP and keep all the Drowzees above 500CP or just keep the 2 best Drowzees (best by CP, IV or LVL) that were caught.

Another useful feature that the bot offers full management of the Pokemon that you already possess. Not only it shows you the IV and other hidden stats about each Pokemon, but you can also evolve, transfer and power up multiple Pokemon at once.Overall – Pokebot Ninja does it all and it does it for free. Although there is a chance of paying the price of suspension of your account since you may get banned by Niantic for using the program because it is straight up cheating, if you don’t have enough time to play but still want to progress and dominate all the Gyms in your area (or even in Dubai or Rio de Janeiro), it is worth the try. It has all the features that you need and it is very easy to use.