Pokemon Go is an app that has become a sensation since its initial release, as millions downloaded it and took to the outside world to hunt for pokemon. This phenomenon surprised many, including the developers themselves, who did not expect it to skyrocket in popularity like it did. This sensation swept nations and caused millions to go outside their homes into their towns and cities and find pokemon. There were so many things that came along with this wave of pokemon popularity.

The popularity of the children’s franchise has spawned numerous TV seasons, toys, video games, books, and much much more. The addition of pokemon go only increased an already massive franchise with millions of fans worldwide that can range in age from preschool to even adults in their thirties. People of all ages and makeups have gotten outside and looked for their next pokemon catch, hoping for a rare type. This has brought numerous unforeseen benefits that make the game a positive force for many.

Many people who enjoyed pokemon and other games may spend much of their times indoors, and not have much social interaction. In addition, many kids today are experiencing weight problems associated with not getting enough physical exercise. Pokemon Go helped target both of these issues, as people had to get out of their homes and walk in order to find pokemon and hatch eggs they gained. Going over twenty miles an hour meant there would be no points gained, so walking is a must.

People from all backgrounds, ages, and races often met up in parts of their city looking for the same pokemon. So many people got out and met new people, dealing with their social anxiety and finding meaningful relationships. People obviously got plenty of exercise doing all of this walking as well. This led to people even losing weight and getting some fresh air while playing their game. The benefits of this game are simply too positive to just discount as coincidence or significant in the face of the number of people helped.

Pokebot for Pokemon Go is a system that was developed to help players achieve even more points for their time. The system developed to help people incubate all their eggs, and go farther with their progress than they would have without it. The application runs on the computer, much like on a phone, and can make Pokemon Go more accessible to people who have trouble physically leaving their house. This is another step for the game that has brought joy to millions of people far and wide.

Pokebot Pokemon Go is a great system designed for the comfort of a player’s house, which can be especially useful for the colder months when walking around the city may be less pleasant than in the warmer part of the year. Helping people overcome social anxiety, as well as encouraging them to exercise, are just some of the benefits brought by this amazing and innovative online game.