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Who hasn’t dreamed up of teaming up Batman with his archenemy Joker to take down someone much bigger than the both of them? Somewhere deep within all of us, we have all constructed the “perfect team” of heroes that could both take out the Justice League, the Avengers, etc. just because we can. Fan fiction writers, for many long years, have fought to make stories where Superman and Lex have a friendly conversation that doesn’t lead up to an ultimate showdown where Lois is the damsel in distress once again.

In DC Legends, every gamer/writer/fan’s dream comes true. You’re not only able to create a team of your choice, but you can make them stronger through battle and compete with people all around the world. It’s almost like Pokemon and DC had a baby together, and this epic-ness was borne to the world.

In this free download available to Google Play and Apple iTunes, you can choose a team of three-four in a RPG based game. In the single player mode, it takes you on a story which takes you to recognisable places like Metropolis, Thanagar, among others. Like a Final Fantasy game or Dragon Age, it’s turn based so each move you make is very important. There are times when the game will let you know that attacking certain characters will cause much more damage (and you, as the user, need to pay attention to this.)


Something that I find pretty awesome is that the characters interact with one another as you’d expect them. While Lex and Supes can come together to fight, they don’t do it like they’ve suddenly become best friends overnight. Lex comes in like a boss, and as you’d expect, he’s full of snark and vigil in his appearance. He tells Superman in one gameplay, “Lucky that I’m here to help!” His words slide off his tongue so easily, then he adds (as if he doesn’t know that Superman is an alien), “You know I hate aliens in my city.”

Superman responds just as quickly with, “Luthor! You expect us to trust you?”

Lex, like the pro talker he is, quips back, “You don’t have many options right now.” Of course, that shortens the entire exchange, but with it, we get well-done characterization, the interaction you’d want, and something that Batman V Superman couldn’t give us: something to smile about at the end of the day.

The game allows you to “awaken” characters from the void like Doomsday and other legendary DC personas from different timelines and worlds, using gems and other things similar that come with the game in the beginning that can be earned but will likely be bought with in-game purchasing.

Not surprising, in order for you to play the game to its full potential, the game forces the users to make in-game purchases with your hard earned real life money for things such as the $149.99 needed to buy a vault of coins.

DC Legends Cheats
DC Legends Cheats

In response to this, we’ve developed the DC Legends Hack which will allow you to cheat your way to success. By using this, you’re going to be able to have unlimited currency, become invincible, have unlimited mana, etc. We understand how frustrating it can get to a mobile gamer when you get to a certain part of the game, and the only thing you can do is either spend some cash or beg your facebook friends to do you a favour and accept a game request. (Honestly, I can’t be the only one whose friends never respond to those, can I?)

By use of this hack and cheats, the DC Legends App will allow you to continuous play without worry of having to stop for so many hours or not being able to enjoy the full features of the game. With the DC Legends hack, it’ll create a far more enjoyable experience, one that feels like you’re playing more on a console than just your tablet or phone.

The hack is available for iOS (iPhone, iPad, IPod) and android devices.


  1. Free is free
  2. DC Legends Hack allows you to keep what you already purchased free to stay free. There will be no more using your money to keep playing.
  3. Continuous play
  4. The biggest annoyance any gamer can go through is being forced to stop playing for no reason. Whether it’s taking the trash out or waiting for facebook friends to kindly respond to your request, no one likes being forced to stop having fun for any reason. Remember rainy days when you were in elementary school? Staring out, thinking about who would be “it,” knowing anything outside would be better than being stuck inside for the day. Yeah, no one liked that day. 
  5. The DC Legends Hack allows you to keep playing while your pal on Facebook, who is waiting for you to accept their request, is stuck waiting or spending their money on purchases.
  6. Levelling Up will be easier due to DC Legends Hack.
  7. When challenging your friends or people around the world, they don’t need to know that the reason you’ve become so quick so fast is due to the DC Legends Hack.
  8. Bragging rights, man.
  9. DC Legends Hack allow you to get characters much faster.
  10. Who doesn’t like feeling rich and powerful (even if it’s just in the game world?)
  11. Has anyone ever seen Monster Rancher or Digimon?! The Digimon emperor would be going crazy for this hack.

DC Legends Hack is sure to make gaming more fun for everyone. It’ll continue to fuel the gamer in you.

Download: DC Legends Hack (Beta) Version 0.972

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