Pokemon Blue Rom

The idea for the game first sprouted in 1990, when Satoshi Tajiri, a game designer, came upon the idea of creating a game based on collecting bug-style creatures in capsule toys (nowadays known as Pokeballs). After meeting Shigeru Miyamoto (co-creator of Zelda and Mario franchises) Satoshi and Miyamoto teamed up, eventually creating the beloved Pokemon Blue, Green & Red.
Image result for pokemon bluePokemon Blue ROM was one of the first Pokemon games to be released in the merchandise in 1996, right after Red and Green. Although old, it has remained a favourite among many gamers. You are expected to play as a 10-year-old boy, much like Ash, who wants to face the incredible feat of ‘catching them all’. The starting Pokemon are the same as in nearly every game up to date, Bulbasaur, Charmander and Squirtle. The goal is to catch all 150 and beat the Elite Four gym leaders, while, of course, being interrupted in between by no other than Team Rocket. Our all-time favourite villains who want to by any means steal our well-earned Pokemon and sell them off for dimes. The game provides many entertaining features and contains many characters, Pokemon and scenarios that we’ve all grown to love.
With many side quests, an amazing classic soundtrack familiar to anyone, tonnes of Pokemon to capture, it’s definitely a must to check out even in 2016. For the 90’s, the graphics were enjoyable. However, while looking at the back of your own Pokemon during a battle, you could only see a maze of pixels. This problem did not occur while looking at the enemy’s sprite, which we see from the front. Even though the graphics left a lot to wish for, the gameplay itself was so well set out that it overpowered the prior.
Highly praised by the critics was the multiplayer and trading mode in the game, being able to battle Pokemon with your friends and family was a new fresh concept. To completely finish the game and collect all the Pokemon, one had to connect with another player. It wasn’t enough to have the same game though, a player with Pokemon Red would have to find a player with Pokemon Blue ROM and vice versa. This was the only way allowing one to fully complete the Pokedex.

Image result for pokemon blueGranting you 30+ hours of fun, Pokemon Blue ROM can, unfortunately, get quite repetitive during some battle phases. The health bar takes a good few seconds to decrease, and battling the same Pokemon between a span of a few minutes can get downright boring. The difficulty increases slightly as the game progresses, but doesn’t exceed anything stupendous and is accessible for a player of any age. It’s a fun, engaging and entertaining game leaving little time for frustration.
Overall, this has been one of the most revolutionary games in the world. It’s a must-play for anyone who wants to have a go at an old, much-loved classic. It doesn’t matter if you want to have a nostalgia trip, or are playing it for the first time, don’t hesitate to have a go with our ROM download link below!

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