Pokemon Red Rom

Do you remember the delicious thrill of playing what is today known as “the game that started it all”? Pokemon Red (Pokemon Red ROM available as a download below) might be considered retro by some, old-fashioned by others, or even nostalgic by veteran players, but either way, it is a very frisky and fresh take on the rapidly evolving history of computer gaming in general and celebrates how Pokemon, in particular, effectively changed the world of gaming and entertainment for good.

Pokemon Red Gameplay
Pokemon Red Gameplay

First released in Japan in the year 1996 for the Game Boy, Pokemon, developed by Game Freak and Creatures Incorporated was groundbreaking in role-playing video games and caught on like wild fire all over the world, from the word go. It has grown rapidly and fiercely through six generations of developments and enhancements, over the past 20 years.
Indeed, it has been estimated that by February of this year, more than 279-million Pokemon units have been sold to difference places around the world, which makes Pokemon the second best-selling video game franchise in the world – second only to Nintendo’s Mario.
To play Pokemon Red Rom (download below), as with all the other versions of the game, your challenge is still to defeat Pokemon gyms in order to obtain all eight badges of the Kanto region so that you can attain the title of Pokemon Champion. Filled with new, challenging and interesting characters, animals and monsters along the way, which present a whole array of hoops to jump through and pitfalls to bypass, it will keep you on your proverbial toes.
The intrepid team of helpers you need to develop in your Pokemon mission consists of six creatures animals and monsters, who draw from a zany bank of about 150 possibilities, each of which possesses the magical and whimsical powers of the elements and each of which can fight others who might block you on your way to achieving your goal and taking your rightful place on the throne of the Pokemon champions. It is all just about animals fighting with other animals, it is about adventure in which you can lose yourself and it is about bringing together a rich array of action role-playing, puzzling and problem-solving skills.
Playing Pokemon as it should be played is about catching, trading, evolving and transferring – and your chances of winning are enhanced by strong reflexes, luck and lots of time spent playing and playing, but also on skill.

Pokemon Red Rom available for your favourite emulator draws from a tradition that developed in the 2000s, where fans with the skills and creativity to do so, were so enthusiastic about the game that they began creating unofficial Pokemon games in the form of illicit Rom hacks, which opened a bootlegging door to the products, and sometimes led to puerile images of violence and sex which detracted from the simplicity of the Pokemon brand and hurt it. Today, the full Pokemon Red Rom experience is again being celebrated as the classic black and white approach, and the more you play, the more you will realise why it is so popular – even addictive.

We in no way condone downloading ROMs from any source, it may even be illegal in your country.  Please check your local laws before doing do.