pokemon yellow emulator cheats

If you’re looking to create a bit of old school gaming nostalgia by playing some Pokemon Yellow on your favourite Emulator, you might also want some souped up gameplay by breaking out some cheats.  In this article we’re going to firstly cover some hints, tips and strategies for Pokemon Yellow on the Game Boy Colour and then follow up with some cheats that will supercharge your game play.

Bulbasaur is located in Cerulean City, which is close to by Pokecenter.

Charmander is located in Route 24 N.W.

Farfetch’d is located between Routes 13 – 12.

Magnemite is located in the grass before the rock tunnels

In order to get Squirtle first acquire the Thunder Badge on the St. Anne, next journey to Vermilion City and there you’ll find squirtle.

Arcticuno, Zapdos, and Moltres
A tip when battling the birds, save the game before commencing the battle, this way if you knock them out, or they run away you can easily reload and fight again.

Catch Wild Pokemon with Ease
When fighting wild type pokemon, throw a pokeball then as it explodes press and hold the B button.  Congratulations, the Pokemon should be yours.


Give an Ultra Ball the Same Properties as a Master Ball: When you want to have an ultra ball have the same properties as a Master Ball simply use the Ultra Ball and Press and down B then press Left and Right consecutively!

Pokemon Yellow Emulator Cheat

 My OldBoy! - GBC Emulator- screenshot Depending on the Emulator Software you’re using, you’ll likely find that it has a built in Cheat section, this is based on the GameShark codes of old.  For example, “My OldBoy! – GBC Emulator” for android supports GameShark and GameGenie codes right out of the box.  The Cheat Option is incredibly easy to use, select the cheats menu and enter the GameShark or GameGenie code required for the desired action.  It really couldn’t be simpler.  All known codes are listed below along with the effect they will have.


GameShark Codes

Enemy Can’t Attack and Burned at Beginning of Match 0170e8cf
Infinite Money 019946d3 019947d3 019948d3
Have All Badges 01ff55d3
Protect Status 010017d0
Never Miss and Have More Critical hits 01ffd5cf
No Random Battles 01033bd1
Infinite Casino Coins 0199a3d5 0199a4d5
Infinite Time (Safari Zone) 01f00dd7
Infinite Safari Balls 016446da
Float On Air 010a13d7
Pacific Pikachu 013972d1 015563d1
Acquire Wild Vulpix 0152d7cf
Acquire Wild Ninetales 0153d7cf
Acquire Wild Jigglypuff 0164d7cf
Acquire WIld Wigglypuff 0165d7cf
Acquire Wild Zubat 016bd7cf
Acquire Wild Golbat 0182d7cf
Acquire Wild Oddish 01b9d7cf
Acquire Wild Gloom 01bad7cf
Acquire Wild Vileplume 01bbd7cf
Acquire Wild Paras 016dd7cf
Acquire Wild Clefable 018ed7cf
Acquire Wild Butterfree 017dd7cf
Acquire Wild Weedle 0170d7cf
Acquire Wild Kakuna 0171d7cf
Acquire Wild Beedrill 0172d7cf
Acquire Wild Pidgey 0124d7cf
Acquire Wild Pidgeotto 0196d7cf
Acquire Wild Pidgeot 0197d7cf
Acquire Wild Rattata 01a5d7cf
Acquire Wild Raticate 01a6d7cf
Acquire Wild Spearow 0105d7cf
Acquire Wild Fearow 0123d7cf
Acquire Wild Ekans 016cd7cf
Acquire Wild Arbok 012dd7cf
Acquire Wild Pikachu 0154d7cf
Acquire Wild Raichu 0155d7cf
Acquire Wild Sandshrew 0160d7cf
Acquire Wild Sandslash 0161d7cf
Acquire Wild Nidoran 010fd7cf
Acquire Wild Nidorina 01a8d7cf
Acquire Wild NidoQueen 0110d7cf
Acquire Wild Nidoran (male) 0103d7cf
Acquire Wild Nidorino (male) 01a7d7cf
Acquire Wild NidoKing 0107d7cf
Acquire Wild Clefairy 0104d7cf
Acquire Wild Bulbasaur 0199d7cf
Acquire Wild Ivysaur 0109d7cf
Acquire Wild Venusaur 019ad7cf
Acquire Wild Charmander 01b0d7cf
Acquire Wid Charmeleon 01b2d7cf
Acquire Wild Charizard 01b4d7cf
Acquire Wild Squirtle 01b1d7cf
Acquire Wild Wartortle 01b3d7cf
Acquire Wild Blastoise 011cd7cf
Acquire Wild Caterpie 017bd7cf
Acquire Wild Metapod 017cd7cf