Port Royale Cheats

Port Royal 3 cheats basically refer to cheat codes associated with the Port Royale game based on the 17th century and around countries such as Netherlands, Spain, England as well as France. You will generally play as a young captain who needs to conquer the colonies or kingdoms, such that you can be able to become the most powerful man in the world. Activities or items on conquest will range from razors, piracy, bounty hunting, raiding or even bounty hunting and conquest of the Caribbean. The cheats will enable you to perform a number of features such as adding of gold to the inventory, adding of sailors, ship cargo, speeds among others.

Image result for Port Royale 3If you are a fan of the Port Royal 3 game, then the Port royal 3 cheats will be very important in enhancing of your game play as they will enable you to have easier game play and even win or get better achievements in the game with features such as;
Ability to Reach Highest Ranking: With the cheat codes, you will be able to reach the highest ranks through winning as many games as possible and even taking over as many towns as possible.
Rescuing as many pirates as possible: You can be able to rescue as many as 4,000 pirates in the game by using the game codes such that you are able to get more victories as the game advances.
Ability to get the highest fame as the pirate: Through certain codes of the game, you can be able to get the highest fame where you can be able to have control in the most games possible.
Image result for Port Royale 3Saving of as many gold pieces in the game as possible: In the treasure chest, you can be able to save as many as 4,000 pieces of gold through a certain cheat code so that you have the wealth that you desire in the game.
Ability to take control of towns: You can be able to take control of a number of towns within the game, through a certain input of codes such that you are able to have more possessions.
How it Works
If you need to gain extra money, popularity or even reputation through the Port Royal 3 game, you simply need to know how to input the cheat codes during game play such that you can be able to activate the trainer, which can easily be downloaded online. The trainer can be downloaded from the link below
– Ensure to extract all the files in the folder Port_Royale_3_v1.0_v1.1_Plus_3_Trainer.Rar
– Copy files in the game’s directory.
You can then start the trainer with the game. It will run in the background and you can then activate the hacks by simply pressing a number of keys during game play for the particular cheats you want, such as;

NUMPAD 1: Money cheat: This enables you to get the extra money that you want
NUMPAD 2: Ability to gain popularity
KEY NUMBER 3: Ability to gain reputation
– Easy to install and run as the software is small and compatible with almost all systems
– Absolutely free for use
– Safe from viruses or malware: The software is always tested for maximum safety and protection from malware and viruses.
– Protection from internet police: You do not need to worry about being caught for using the software as it is shielded from any kind of detection.
– Each of the codes can only be used once in the game.
– May not be supported on some platforms such as Mac OS or Linux
Port Royale 3 cheats are generally the best solution if you want to get the best in port royale gameplay as they come equipped with all the hacks or tricks that you may ever need to enjoy the game in the best way possible and at the same time ensuring that you have all the victories, money and popularity that you need. What is more, it is free to download and install, hence ensuring that you can get the best enjoyment from the game.

DOWNLOAD: Port Royale Cheats: Port_Royale_3_v1.0_v1.1_Plus_3_Trainer.Rar

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