Wario Land 4 Rom

Wario Land 4 Rom is a game originated in Europe by Nintendo in 2001 on the GameBoy Advance platform. This adventurous game with 64 megabits was supplied by Lady Luck.

Wario Land is one of the biggest adventurous games on which you can test your wits. This exciting game from Nintendo provides a combination of puzzles and actions. The three things which Wario cares for include money, more money and even more money which make it one of the greatest scoundrels in the world of video games. You can be put into all types of humiliating scenarios while searching for the treasure.

A rumour about mysterious golden pyramid in the opening sequence of this game sends the roaring Wario into his huge convertible space ship. He surely finds his greedily desired object but he will have to bear a brainstorming series of misadventures through the guardians of the pyramid before bringing back his booty.


The players have to pass through four  cleverly designed passages of the pyramid in this series of Wario Land 4 Rom. The shivering Wario has to make his way through ice covered cracks of large freezer, punching old TVs in a toxic dump and survive through shocking machines of a disturbing factory while rolling through Ruby passage on a large table of pinball. Its Emerald passage offers outdoor challenges including deep lagoons, caves, stormy jungles and angry piranhas and bees.

Similarly while passing through Sapphire passage Wario has to ride magic carpets, creep through a haunted village, avoid gushing fountains of lava and dodge the naughty residents of a dreadful hotel. In the Topaz passage Wario plays things to explore a huge board game, a big toy box and rows of collapsing dominoes. Wario has to bump into a timer after completing each level to make it hurry to reach the entrance before he loses money and sob due to run out time.

Wario Land 4

In this way the haphazard game play of this attractive allows the players to progress through these passages as they want. They have to fight with the an unconventional boss like the flying rat hidden behind a huge teddy bear at the end of each passage

The collectibles in this game include diamonds, CDs and coins to be used in the sound room of the pyramid. It also includes offbeat minigames like a zany version of concentration and homerun derby featuring scowling mug of Wario.

The GameBoy advance platform used to make Wario Land 4 provides it the most beautiful graphics. From the brilliant palette of a level to the smoky fumes of the toxic dump are inspired by the sketch pad of a child. In this way this game neither seizes to captivate nor surprising the players.

All the people who love puzzles, fun and action must have Wario Land 4 Rom having a funny, ever surprising, clever and unsinkable starring character, Wario.

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