Wario Land Rom
Wario Land Rom

With a total of six games featuring Wario as a playable protagonist, Wario Land offers players the freedom of choice. You may decide to play the earliest version or the latest one. We will have a look at these variations and why each is a great game to play.

Super Mario Land 3


First released by Nintendo in 1994, this was the premier of the Wario Land games. In this game, Wario is in Kitchen Island where he needs to help rescue the Princess Peach statue from the hands of Captain Syrup and her pirates. As the player you will need to control Wario defeat Syrup and steal the statue.

Virtual Boy Wario Land

In this version, Wario is looking for a treasure he sees with three mask-guys. But the way to them is not easy. He is led into an underground labyrinth by trap doors and has to find his way back. Will you help him get his hands on the treasure?

Wario Land II

Released in 1998, this is a direct sequel to the Super Mario Land 3. The Black Sugar Gang steals Wario’s treasure and he is forced to retaliate so as to get his treasure back and save his pet hen as well.

Wario Land 3

A music box in a cave teleports Wario into a different world where he is tricked by Rudy the Clown. Pretending to be an oracle, Rudy tells Wario to save the world from monsters. When Wario discovers that this is a trick he fights Rudy and saves the monsters from the villainous clown.

Wario Land 4

In this game, Wario reads about legendary treasure in a newspaper and drives into the desert to find it. A Golden Pyramid exists in the heart of the desert and a black cat helps Wario find his way in. Wario is tasked with fighting five bosses that guard the pyramid’s evil ruler the Golden Diva. The player needs to defeat them all and the black cat will turn back to her human self, a good princess called Shokora.

Wario Land: Shake It!

In this latest Wario Land game, Captain Syrup returns and is trickier than ever. She uses Wario to save the Shake Dimension from the Shake King and retrieve the Bottomless Coin Sack which Syrup has been desiring.

No matter what kind of adventure it is that you would like to go on with Wario, you need to be able to play it on the device that you have. This is where the Wario Land rom will come in handy. With this you will be able to enjoy playing the game within any emulator. Using this Rom is very simple. Here is how:

1. Download and install the emulator you would like to use. Launch it.

2. Go to “File” menu and expand it. Click on “Open.” Select the file where you have stored the rom and select it.

3. It will load and you can play Wario Land. It is really that simple!

With our Wario Land rom, you will be able to play on almost any device. Just ensure that you have a working emulator to use it with.

We in no way condone downloading ROMs from any source, it may even be illegal in your country.  Please check your local laws before doing do.